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Daroll Frewing

Chief Executive Officer

David Frewing


Glenn Keenan

Vice President of Sales


Past. Present and Future

Past. Present and Future

In 1994, Daroll and David Frewing had a vision for a company that would offer bowling proprietors an independent solution to their capital equipment needs. Their goal was to present customers with a ‘third’ option: one that combined the best equipment from all of the manufacturers packaged it under one name and one contract and handled it from start to finish.

Doing business this way was the only way to ensure a satisfied customer at the end of the day. The result was US Bowling Corporation. After 27 years in the bowling business, Daroll brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company. He knew all the ins and outs of building a new center, and he knew the equipment inside and out. Above all, he knew what it took to do things the right way and not to cut corners.

His Son David, who had recently received his education in international marketing, was eager to join the business world. Growing up in the bowling business, he was no stranger to capital equipment or new center construction. With these two assets, US Bowling Corporation was off to a great start.

Soon , US Bowling Corporation acquired a massive inventory, perfected the subtle art of complete pin setter re-manufacturing, and established a reputation for the best customer service and equipment in the industry. The company also added key personnel to take on the added growth and expansion. Glenn Keenan, Vice President of Sales, brings several years of industry experience along with an extensive accounting background.

 With this team assembled, US Bowling continues to have steady growth year after year and has captured new markets within the bowling industry. Whether you are building a new Upscale Bowling Lounge, a Family Entertainment Center or upgrading your existing center,

US Bowling offers the products and services necessary to help move your project forward.


Our reputation grew quickly, as we began discovering the best people in the industry to partner with. After getting familiar with the work that US Bowling was doing and the types of centers we were building, many of the industry’s most trustworthy and well-known names acknowledged that there was finally a truly independent solution to an industry that had been dominated by the same old manufacturers, and more important, the same old ideas for decades.

We began building an international network of salespeople, equipment technicians, installation teams, and distributors that shared our vision of innovation and unorthodox bowling entertainment concepts. Together, we helped our customers push bowling to places that it had never been taken.


Today, we remain confident that US Bowling Corporation is the ultimate solution to all of the industries bowling needs, from the modernization to new center projects even home installations. While we have grown to become the largest independent builder of new centers in the United States, we have not lost the spirit and philosophy that propelled us to where we find ourselves today:


We continue to transform the world of bowling, one center at a time.

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