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There are many things to consider before construction of a bowling facility begins -

even before the blueprints are drawn. From the selection of major equipment,

down to the smallest of details, US Bowling Corporation provides the

support and direction needed to properly build your bowling business investment.



• BOWLING: More participants than any other sport

   Bowling is one of the world’s top recreational activities, capturing over 100 million

   participants annually in 100 countries generating $10 Billion in Global sales.

   In today’s world of bowling, by combining competitive bowling with recreation and

   entertainment, bowling has become a year round activity.   Bowling is played by all

   ages and is a key anchor for any Entertainment Venue.  It is a staple in any

   community and has proven to be a long lasting business investment.   Bowling

   still has more than twice the active participants of Golf and three times that of

   Tennis and Skiing in the United States.


• BOWLING: Strong Cash Flow

   Family Entertainment Centers along with Bowling Lounges and Small Ball Bowling

   are growing in popularity and offer many opportunities for investment and growth.

   While new center development demands a substantial capital investment, the low

   inventory requirements coupled with the strong cash flow and near zero

   receivables makes for a real positive return on your investment.


• US BOWLING: The perfect partner

   US Bowling Corporation has real experience, worldwide.  US Bowling has

   installed and opened new centers in more than 30 countries.  With our

   expertise and innovative thinking, We will be able to help guide you into

   the perfect Entertainment Center with all the right revenue generators.

   This makes US Bowling Corporation the perfect partner for your bowling project.


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Regardless Of the Type of Center You Build,

US Bowling’s Experts Will Help

           You Maximize Your Space.

Bowling business investment service

                                - US Bowling Corporation


Learn from the entertainment industry's leading experts, with over 200 years of combined experience

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