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  • How much room is needed in my home?

    The total length required for a regulation size bowling lane and service isle behind the machine is 86 feet. This includes a 16-foot approach, 60-foot lane and 7-foot pin deck and pit as well as a 3 foot service isle behind the machines. We can customize your lane length to fit your home with an arcade style bowling alley as short as 55 feet.


  • What is a regulation size bowling lane?

    A regulation sized bowling alley consists of standardized lane dimensions and equipment that meet the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) standards and are certified to hold sanctioned bowling leagues and tournaments. A regulation sized bowling lane is built 60 feet in length from the foul line to the center of the headpin. Regulation sized bowling lanes are 41-7/8" wide, and include USBC approved lane material and equipment. The footprint of 2 regulation bowling lanes is approximately 83’-2” long including the approach, lanes, pinsetters with a 3 foot service aisle behind the bowling machine.  The overall width of a standard pair of lanes in a home is 11' 6" wide.

  • What are my bowling options?

    We offer a variety of bowling options.  These consist of Regulation Sized Bowling Lanes, Arcade Sized Bowling Lanes, Mini Bowling Lanes, Themed Mini Bowling, Duckpin Bowling and Candlepin Bowling.

  • How often does the equipment need to be maintained and who can do it?

    Maintenance on bowling equipment is dependent upon frequency of use.  Regular maintenance includes cleaning dirt and grime off equipment, pins and bowling balls. A typical home would schedule a service visit to clean and adjust your equipment quarterly and sometimes even monthly depending on the type of machine that is to be installed. We happily assist each of our customers in establishing a relationship with a nearby bowling mechanic familiar with your type of equipment.

  • Does US Bowling install home bowling alleys internationally?

    Yes, we are thrilled to provide our bowling products internationally to home bowling alley installations.

  • Can my Bowling Alley be built on any floor in my home?

    Yes, we can accommodate building on any level if the floor is engineered to support 20 lbs. per sq. ft. in the lane and approach area and 40 lbs. per sq. ft. in the machine area.

  • How long does it take to install residential bowling lanes?

    A normal bowling installation by a US Bowling certified technician will typically run 8-10 days.

  • Is bowling lane customization available?

    Yes, we have many lane customization options that include colors, and even custom printing on the lanes.


  • Does US Bowling offer a warranty on their equipment?

    We proudly stand behind the products we install in your home.  Our home installations include a 2-year pinsetter and scoring replacement parts warranty.  All other bowling equipment comes with a full 1 year warranty.

    We believe in total customer satisfaction​, aside from our no hassle guarantee​.

  • What kind of ball return do I need?

    We offer two different ball return options.


     Traditional Ball Return –

    Under lane ball return from machines running in the bowling foundation and returned a powerlift and lifted out of the foundation and placed on the ball rack.  This type of ball return requires a 16” from concrete floor to top of lane surface.


    Above Ground Ball Return –

    Surface mounted return track from the machine to the ball rack on the approach.   This ball return requires only 11 inches from the concrete floor to the top of the lane surface.

  • How high of a ceiling to I need for bowling?

    Ideally, a 12-foot ceiling would comfortably accommodate your home bowling alley. We can accommodate a 9 and 10-foot ceiling but note the pitfalls of having a lower ceiling.

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How much space do I need for a regulation bowling alley?

Don't have enough space? ... then Mini bowling might be right up your alley.

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