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Special Features - New for the 2016 FLEX!



 • Pin Deck treatment spray system (for use with the new Spot On Pin Deck Spray)


 • Easy sliding detachable lid assembly


FLEX Conditioning System


 • DUO conditioning system

    Two oil pumps

    Two conditioner cartridges


 • DUO transfer system

    Enhances the smoothness of the pattern

    Residual oil burns out quickly for easy pattern changes


 • Two pre-filled/refillable conditioner cartridges - allows

    for separate conditioner on forward and reverse oiling

 • Ability to alternate two compatible lane conditioners in one pass

 • Per load adjustable microliter streams per for more control within each pattern



FLEX Cleaning System


 • Quick change squeegee assembly allows you to easily change the blades in a fraction of the


 • Change the cleaning solution output percentage from inside the oil pattern to the back-ends

    for each pattern or for all

 • Proven Sprayless Cleaning System

 • Easily monitor and adjust cleaner output as desired



FLEX Drive System


 • Dual Drive System for better tracking

 • Patented six drive speeds for best taper control

 • Independent adjustable cleaning speeds

 • LED arrow for better operator positioning



FLEX Touchscreen & PLC


 • Full color 5” touchscreen

 • Three program choices for both AM and PM

 • Stores 30 programs on board

 • Test input/output menu option

 • Detailed error messages with help screens



FLEX Batteries


 • Single lightweight battery

 • External battery charger

 • Three battery options based on number of lanes

    conditioned per day




 • Zero Turn Radius lane-to-lane walking function

 • Auto-aligning lane whiskers

 • Smart processor auto-align memory

 • Object detection

 • Automatic burn pair

Kustodian WalkerSport Edition, bowling lane machine Kustodian WalkerSport Edition, bowling lane machine Kustodian WalkerSport Edition, bowling lane machine

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