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Bowling is the #1 participatory sport in the world. Yes, that’s right, more people play the game of bowling than any other sport in the world, making it a Key Anchor attraction that will attract more people than any other recreational activity. Whether it be a family entertainment center, upscale bowling lounge or a traditional bowling center, US Bowling has the years of industry experience to help you from start to finish.


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Bowling Modernization

With US Bowling as your modernization partner, you will get the high quality products and service you and your customers deserve. Upgrading your center will attract new customers while keeping your existing customers happy.


At US Bowling, we are your complete bowling equipment manufacturer.

Bowling Parts & Supplies

Whether you are a new bowling center or you have managed a bowling center for years, US Bowling has all the supplies and parts you will need to keep your facility running smoothly. From pinsetter parts, rental shoes, house balls to lane care products, we are your single source for bowling parts and supplies.


Residential Bowling

Home improvement is all the rage today. But more-affluent homeowners aren't stopping at a revamped kitchen or a bigger master bathroom — not by a long shot. A certain slice of the population is going big, even extreme: Think bowling lanes, you will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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