What makes A Great Lane Machine

Made in the USA


  Every Kegel lane machine is carefully

    assembled by our highly skilled lane

    machine builders. At Kegel we take

    great pride in our workmanship and

    personally sign every machine.


Research and Development


  Every lane machine from Kegel is the

    result of listening to the needs in the

    bowling industry. Kegel takes problems

    that exist in the sport of bowling, fully

    researches them, and creates products

    that deliver the solution.


Premium Components


  To build high quality machines you must

    use high quality parts. It's that simple.

    Kegel uses only premium components

    to build lane machines. Many have

    been time-tested for reliability and



Quality Control


  Before it leaves the factory, every new

    Kegel lane machine must go through

    quality control. This comprehensive

    inspection requires that 120 items are

    thoroughly checked. We also run each

    lane machine a minimum of 50 lanes to

    ensure dependability.


ISO 9001 Certified


Kegel is the only ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of lane maintenance equipment. This certification requires that we follow a very strict standard for documentation and process control to ensure the quality of everything we make.