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Rollerball Mini Bowling is the complete package for mini bowling  fun - Our mini bowling system can be installed virtually anywhere such as Hotels, Bars, Shopping Malls, Arcades, Cafeterias, Pubs, Amusement Parks, Cruise Lines, Residences, Clubs, Colleges, Restaurants

and more !







                                                              THAT ADDS

                                BIG PROFITS TO SMALL SPACES.

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Mini Bowling - Big Profits in Small Places


Mini Bowling has established itself as the most dynamic and innovative addition to almost all entertainment applications. Because of this,

US Bowling Corporation proudly introduces Rollerball – the small ball system that will have a big impact on your bottom line.

The formula is simple: minimal space, virtually no maintenance,and an exciting new experience. Your customers will enjoy our glow-pattern over our classic wood-grain synthetic lanes, and will be awed by our stunning 32” LCD monitors that come standard in every Rollerball package. Unlike many systems, Rollerball is based around a full, state-of-the-art scoring system. And, your little bowlers can avoid gutter balls with our automatic bumpers that pop up at the simple push of a button.


Rollerball has become an over-performing profit center in many different locations. It takes up very little space, requires almost no attention, and really makes a difference on your overall revenue stream. And, you can rest easy: Rollerball is backed by the most comprehensive and liberal warranty in the industry — everything from the scoring system to the pinsetters and lanes are covered.

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Optional Control Systems


• Front Desk Management System

• Pay at the desk

• Time Bowling

• Prepay & Postpay Bowling

• Complete cash control system


This system is perfect for corporate events, birthday parties and other private functions


• Stand-A-Lone Control Console

• Individual lane control

• Coin operation for easy cash intake

• Large coin box collection

• Optional card swipe integration available

• Optional bill receptor available


Anyone can walk up and be rolling within seconds with our simple, user friendly mini-consoles.


Standard 32” Monitors


US Bowling is the only company that offers 32” LCD monitors as a standard feature.




Rollerball is the only mini bowling system that offers a video masking unit option. With your choice of a  2 lane wide screen or 4 lane wide Mega Media Screen.




Theme your walls with our enhanced glow graphics and watch your facility come alive!





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