We will put our pinsetter machines against any machines on the market, new or re-manufactured.

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US Bowling Corporation has set the standard for the fully re-manufactured pinsetter. Our motivation was simple: we selected pinsetter models with the longest life, affordable after-market replacement parts, and plenty of experience in the field. This meant that it was easy to find mechanics because so many people familiar with these machines, and easy to find parts because there are plenty of after-market companies supplying them. Then, we developed the most thorough, organized, and meticulous process for the full re-manufacturing of these machines—no one in the

business goes as deep into these machines as US Bowling. The result is over 700 of the finest machines in the industry in our warehouse at an incredible value to our customers.


All of the pinsetter machines are broken down to their bare frames and pressure washed clean. Then, they are carefully pieced back together using all new hardware, belts, bushings, bearings, replacing all worn parts, and testing it thoroughly throughout the process.


Buying new pinsetter machines means that you will be stuck getting replacement parts from the manufacturer alone. This often results in weeks of lanes being down, costly plastic replacement parts, and expensive or inexperienced mechanics.


Our machines avoid all of these problems.


We will put our pinsetter machines against any machines on the market—new or re-manufactured. That’s why we’re willing to put a full 1 year new products warranty on all of the machines that leave our factory; we just do not have problems with pinsetters.


Mechanical Support:

A US Bowling Certified Technician will be on-site to train your mechanics before you open

and for several says after opening.  Ensuring that everything is running smoothly and that your mechanics have

been fully trained on how to operate and maintain your equipment.

A-2 Pinsetter

A-2 Pinsetter


This is the machine that set the standard for setting pins. Having been in production since the 1950’s, the A-2 is built like a Sherman Tank. It’s a reliable, efficient, primarily mechanical machine that is easy to repair and has a proven track record. There are over 100,000 of them out there, and they are prolific for a reason.


Pinsetter, A-2 pinspotter, bowling pinsetter

82-90 XL


Produced more recently, the 90XL is one slick pin spotter. These machines are more electric than

mechanical and cycle a bit quicker than the A-2. They also feature one chassis per lane, cutting

costs for purchase, repair, and replacement.

Pinsetter, bowling pinsetter, 82*90 XL

24 Volt 10 Pin String Machine

 provide a low-cost alternative for non- league centers, bars, resorts,

FECs that want to add the excitment of bowling.

•  Help reduce your payroll by eliminating the amount of qualified A & B Pinsetter mechanics needed for the

   traditional pinsetters. You would cross train your $8-$12  hour employees vs $18- $25 an hour dedicated



•  Help reduce your electrical bills ever month which should be your highest utility bill in a traditional pinsetter location

   because the String pinsetter has only 1 motor and gearbox vs 3 on an AMF machine and it only runs when it pulls

   the pins up.


•  Help reduce maintenance on the pinsetter equipment. It will be lower maintenance yearly and over the life of the



•  There are 1,800 parts on the AMF traditional pinsetter, there are about 550 parts on the string pinsetters with more

   technology in the chassis and pinsetter control.


•  The pinsetter has virtually eliminated the noise of a pin return system (carpet belt that is running all the time) and

   the sound is Max on a traditional peak of 130 decibels to the string machine about 90 decibels. You still have the

   noise of the balls hitting the pins but the vibration from the machine is almost non-existent. I would think this would

   be a big benefit for you because of the retail next door.


•  You would gain more sq ft in the seating area or Dollar Generating area versus mechanic space that does not

   generate any money.


•  You eliminate the Pinsetter camera on the capping all together which reduces your maintenance and hardware that

   could fail.

10 pin string pinsetter, 24 volt string pinsetter, 24 volt pinsetter, bowling pinsetter

•  Up to 60% power savings.


•  Sets individual pins.


•  No micro switches.


•  Mechanic alert system.


•  LED performance display.


•  24 Volt DC String Pinsetters with Brush less Motors


•  Detects only tangled pins for quicker detangling


•  Functions controlled by a powerful microprocessor


•  Compatible with all domestic and international power


•  Self-Calibrating pinsetter for easy installation and minimal maintenance


•  Interfaces with most scoring software systems


•  Can be used for 10 Pin Bowling and Mini-Bowling


•  LED display for operating messages and alarms



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