This is the million dollar question and definitely a good one.  Here a few good reasons to Rent vs. Purchase.

1) The rental program only requires a low down payment.

2) During the first 7 years, the scoring rental program can save you up to a 40% over purchasing.

3) The rental program includes the warranty over the LIFE of the rental program. Not just the 18 months provided by other manufacturers.


4)  The rental program includes free tech support over the LIFE of the rental program. Not just the 18 months provided by other manufacturers.

5) The rental program includes ALL software updates, software upgrades and software improvements over the life of the rental program.

6)  Monthly rental payments are easily made through normal business operations.

7)  Rental payments can be written off 100%.

8) The rental program may not require underwriting to review tax returns, personal financials or other business financials that are required to approve a loan or lease.

9) The Rental program does not tie up assets or property that hinder the customer’s ability to borrow  future money.


10) If approved by Fortune 5 Capital, the rental program only requires a signature and personal guaranty.


11) With the rental program, if a customer decides they would like to upgrade any part of their Pulse hardware system in the future, this can be done by simply sending the center the upgraded equipment The customer then returns the other and Fortune 5 Capital will modify the rental program to reflect the changes.ᅠ Simple and affordable.ᅠ This is not possible if you purchase a scoring system.


12) The rental program will help you preserve cash enabling you to purchase other bowling equipment improvements such as masking units and ball returns with the savings.

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