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Bowling Center Furniture


Bring Your Center To Life

A great center begins with a great plan, but a great plan begins with your own vision. How you

visualize your seating and table groups has an immediate effect on customer perceptions of your

center. CustomBOWLTM seating and tables can bring new life to an established center or set the

tone for a brand new facility. Either way, the US Bowling sales team is trained to find the best

arrangement for your space and your budget.


Made  in  the  USA


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The most important feature to consider when updating your present bowling furniture is the floor pattern. This means placing new furniture to create traffic flow lines that make it easy for customers to reach the revenue generating areas of your center. These patterns can increase the rate of return on your investment. Our staff boasts several years of experience in creating floor designs that can increase current revenue in food and beverage areas but at the same time provide durable and comfortable furniture. At US Bowling, we will do everything we can to meet the needs of our valued customers.