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Media Mask - Video Masking Unit

When your customers walk in your center, what will make it stand apart from other centers? What will encourage them to relax, have fun, and enjoy some food and drink? What will convey both an upscale lounge image and the comfort of someone’s plush living room? What will catch their eye? Anything?


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Video Masking Units, Video Screens, projectors for bowling

Since 1994, US Bowling Corporation has been the leading innovator to the bowling industry. That is why we were the first to develop and produce the only fully integrated Video Masking Unit System known as “MediaMask”.


US Bowling has now made the product even better with the addition of our “Enhanced Glow Graphics”. We are the only company that can offer this product with a 0% fade for the first 10 years. Now we offer the best of both worlds. With a push of the button you can show music videos, sporting events, movies and show special promotions or choose to “WOW” your customers with the brightest glow graphics that the industry has to offer. When choosing a video masking unit, MediaMask is the only choice for your new or existing center.

We offer many different styles of masking units to help customize your center:


6’ Swing Masking Unit – Our standard masking unit covers 2 lanes and comes with our proprietary Enhanced Glow Graphics. This masking unit is a mechanics dream because it comes standard with our gas powered shocks to help lift the frame making it easy to have access to the pinsetters.


8’ Masking Unit With Video Option– This 98” tall masking unit covers the width of two lanes and comes with the 3 options. A graphic only masking unit or upgrade to our automatic drop down High Definition screen integrated Video Masking unit. Turning this basic unit into our MediaMask system, or you can choose to have this unit as a fixed screen option. This would require no graphics and would be always 100% ready to display video all the time.


10’ Masking Unit – This 120” tall masking unit comes with the exact options as the 8’ unit offers. However, if you have the available ceiling height this would give you a bit of a bigger screen and graphic area.


12’ MediaMask video masking Unit – (3 Lane Mega) This 150” tall masking unit covers the width of 3 lanes and comes with two options. One, it can be offered as a graphic only masking unit or two, it can be offered as a Video Masking Unit with an automatic drop down screen giving you an extremely large viewing area.


15’ MediaMask video masking Unit – (4 Lane Mega) This 186” tall masking unit covers the width of 4 lanes and delivers the ultimate “Wow” Effect for any bowling center. This can also be ordered with just Glow Enhanced Graphics or you can upgrade to our automatic dropdown screen with a High Definition 289” diagonal viewing area.


BAM Media Unit – (6 Lane Mega) When size truly matters!! This 256” tall fixed screen media mask will create major pandemonium at your center. With an amazing 449” diagonal viewing area, this unit is truly the mother of all media masks offered by US Bowling.

Media Mask Technical Information:


All automatic screens are furnished with a 120v control switch with three available options:

Low voltage with wall switch and 150’ of 3 conductor wire.

Low voltage controller with infrared remote control

Projector control card with 30” wire (requires 12v control output on the projector)


Video Masking Units, Video Screens, projectors for bowling, media mask